Mad Max: Fury Road

I was unbelievably lucky enough to design and manufacture a number of hero props and dress some of the vehicles on Fury Road.

The Ripsaw/War Rig steering wheel.Rip Saw Steering Wheel
Rip Saw Skull

For the ‘Elvis’ vehicle, I dressed most of the exterior, interior and made this steering wheel for it.

Elvis Steering Wheel

Elvis 01

This Rock Rider was the result of a collaboration between myself and Peter Sidell.

Rock Rider  Rock Rider 02

The ‘Golf’ Rock Rider.Golf Bike

The Wolverine 2012.

The Silver Samurai was the sum result of about 25 technicians and artists putting in a monstrous effort, one that we were all very proud of.Wolverine Pic 02Wolverine Pic 01

The Brutal Prophecy.

The Brutal Prophecy is a continually developing mixed media project that marries physical models with digital environments.Brutal ProphecyHell CycleProchecy Heads

The Immortal – 2015